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Mystical 2012 - Public Lecture - Oct 12, 2010

Mystical 2012 Lecture - Oct 2010
Front cover of my book, Mystical 2012

On October 12, 2010, I gave a public lecture about my book, Mystical 2012: Did the Maya Shamans Discover a Mystical View of Reality? I recorded the lecture with a voice recorder that was in my pocket while the microphone was clipped to my shirt. I did not use a video camera. Later, I added some slides to the audio recording, which turned it into a narrated slideshow. The entire lecture is posted on YouTube where you can hear my voice and see the slides. I am not “on camera” since there was no camera, only the voice recorder. The total lecture is about 48 minutes, in four parts. You can find it here:

Mystical 2012 - 48-Minute Public Lecture - YouTube playlist with all four parts:

Or you can play all four parts as an embedded video here:

If you really like my work, you can read my entire book for free online. You can also buy it at Amazon. For more information, just go here:

While the slides that I added to the YouTube video really help, I still thought that it might be nice to put a little bit of the lecture on my podcast so I picked the concluding 5 minutes since they do not need any slides.

Click the black triangle below to play the concluding 5 minutes:

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